10 absolutely Ghanaian podcasts you should be listening to

Social media chat forums like Twitter or Reddit can be overwhelming with so many divided opinions. This person tweets this. Next person retweets and then there’s a whole thread about how politically incorrect the original tweet was. Reading all of that can be what?Overwhelming!

But now with the soaring popularity of podcasts, getting geared information becomes easily accessible for you to listen to.

The Ghanaian world of podcasting has exploded over the past few years. More so, from the effects of the Covid Lockdown last year. The range of podcasts in Ghana move from social life to commerce to youth problems to activism.  The formats and topics covered are creating conversations all over the country and abroad.

We skimmed through some podcasts and came up with a list which we believe will do your ears, heart and mind some good.

So, without further ado, here are top 10 Ghanaian podcasts worth listening to:


1. Accra We Dey

A group of young friends banter about the city-life inside Accra with almost no topic barred. This mixbag of a podcast covers conversations across the Accra hustle culture, relationships, lifestyle, music,  and social issues with a twist of comedy. You can find this podcast here.


2. E-talk Radio

Dicey social issues meet an informed approach with this podcast. From education on taboo topics such as sexuality and then over to national development issues and the ways to implement effective solutions, this podcast is made for impact. Listen in to E-talk Radio right here.


3. HAGtivist Podcast

The Humanist Association of Ghana seek to inform and assert knowledge through logic and reasoning. This podcast tackles social issues with little to no cultural bias. Listen in here to hear insightful minds speak on facts and not just perceived truths.


4. Citi 97.3 FM Podcasts

Radio and issues that are relevant to both life and lifestyle. You can find in to this podcast right on here.


5. The Other Room


Women go unbridled with womanhood and adulthood in this podcast. Finding your way through issues pertaining to what it means to be a 21st century Ghanaian woman, regardless of class or status, are some of the issues this podcast navigates. Listen to these cognizant ladies on here.


6. Unfiltered

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante goes all the way in with her podcast. Tackling hot Ghanaian social and economic topics with rage, heart and soul, this podcast here highlights how far we’ve come in Ghana and how far we’ve got to go. Plug in here to hear these lionesses raw.


7. 2 Pesewas

Peaches and Edi discuss issues across the relevant spectrum. No topic is taboo and no issue is without critique. Listen to these ladies give their insights on here.


8. Sincerely, Accra

It’s fun. It’s colourful. And it’s blaring its sound along the way. This podcast is an unfiltered series of dialogues which inform, educate and entertain with local topics. Find out how relatable Ghanaians are with this brain-punching cocktail of topics that go from pop-culture to infidelity in relationships to simply just trying to get through Accra traffic. Brace your ears and laughing sides here.


9. SME Connect

Business and entrepreneurship comes to the fore with this podcast. Making it in Ghana is hard. Sustaining it? Harder still. Listen here to innovation and motivation with young Ghanaian entrepreneurs that made and are making it happen.


10. Free Your Mind

Get your thoughts and opinions out in the open with this podcast where talking your heart out is key. Unabridged, unfiltered and unrestrained, this podcast is the best culmination of what to listen to at the end of the week. Let loose here as hush-hush topics and views are presented with no judgement.


So these are our top 10 Ghanaian podcasts worth listening to. Do you have any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments below.






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