10 absolutely to-die-for looks from the 2022 Future Awards

The 16th edition of the Future Awards happened on the 20th of February to much pageantry and sensation. The Future Awards is an event organised by The Future Project, a social enterprise communications firm affiliated to Red Africa and the African Union. Its aim? To celebrate young Africans between the ages of 18 and 31, whose outstanding achievements in the year deserve recognition

This year’s event saw personalities such as Tunde Onakoya of Chess in the Slums and #EndSARS campaigners and activist Rinu Oduala.

While many people had their eyes on the awards and their relevance we could not help but fall for the looks that were served for the night. 100% glamour and 100% fabulousity.

Here are our 10 absolutely to-die-for looks from the 2022 Future Awards.

1. Tiannah’s Empire.





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