10 Christmas gift ideas that he’ll definitely love.

It’s that time of year when everyone is jolly and merry. Yes, the holidays are getting closer and closer by the day. Christmas is almost upon us.

And if there’s anything we know it’s that while there are holiday deals some places pump prices whilst supply is in demand. Please, start your shopping now. The malls all over have already started putting up holiday decorations.

Wondering what to get your father? Your brother or male cousins? Well here at BraPerucci, we take a lot of pride in connecting our readers with the best gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for something trendy, something high-tech or something thoughtful but simple, we’ve got you.

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for him that he’ll totally love.

1. Wireless Airbuds.

Trust me, he’ll thank you for this. Their practical and convenient for work calls. Plus, they are a favourite for guys who workout intensely. Whether he’s a music lover or a podcast buff, you’ll have brought him an essential.

2. Crocs.

Crocs featured this last and this year as one of the most worn footwear, men and women alike. Suddenly they are getting overpriced in the way markets usually react to demand. Get your brother a pair of crocs and see him walk and sigh with comfort.

3. Sweatpants.

Look! We love sweatpants. They are comfy and light and can be worn almost everywhere. Sweatpants are everything. Everything, we tell you. Preferably get one which is taperes around the legs and have pockets.

4. A leather office bag.

And a fashionable one at that. Leather evokes maturity and also its easy to clean. Get that male figure in your sights a leather office bag and he’ll gush for you. A man can never have too many leather office bags.

5. Powerbank.

This speaks for itself. A powerbank is a great gift. Period. Whether Christmas or birthday this gift is an absolute need. Your cell goes off and you instantly have something to plug energy back into it.

6. Nose hair clippers.

Yep. No one ever talks about how irritating it can get with overgrown nosehairs sticking out and tickling your nostrils. Trust. Very annoying. A nose hair clipper in the hand would’ve avoided all discomfort. Get a nose hair clipper for him. He needs it.

7. A big mug.

I mean a really really BIG one. If you looked in our shelve or cupboard and we don’t have one then we certainly need one. Especially for the man who loves his tea or warm beverage after a tough day after work. A big mug will always do the job…of reducing having to brew 3 times to be satisfied.

8. Dumbbells.

Dumbbells are one of the best gifts you can give a brother or male friend who is looking to build strength and get into fitness. Adjustable dumbbells are always best.

9. Beard Grooming Kit.

Beardgang is all the rage these days. OK…its been popular for a while now. That’s why a grooming kit with beard essentials such as a brush, afro comb and beard oils is a trusted gift. Say no to washing with hard soap and start getting that beard looking like a black Father Christmas.

10. A Bluetooth sound bar.

This one is a bit technology-inclined but yes this is a gift for the ages. If your man likes to listen to music a lot- drown out the world and soak in tunes and vibes then this is a great gift to give. Get him a sound bar for his room and he’ll party like the rockstar you see him to be.





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