10 Christmas gifts she’ll adore you for

Oh Christmas, the season of giving. And give we shall. Narrowing on gifts for that special someone in your life can be hard sometimes. Especially when you got to settle on one thing. That one present needs to be thoughtful, provocative and impressive enough to warm her heart. It’s almost Christmas and the clocks are ticking. Have you bought her her Christmas present yet? Wait, do you even know what you are getting her?

Well, not to fear. We’ve got the best Christmas gift ideas just for her.

We all see ads and nice things on social media everyday. Now they are even migrating to sports betting sites. Imagine that. All these ads bamboozling you can have you anxious and confused. Should I get her this shoe? Or this bag? Or this dress?

We are here to tell you that we’ve got 10 simple but thoughtful ideas for that special woman in your life. Mother or daughter. Sister or cousin. Wife or girlfriend. These simple gift ideas may very well make you their Father Christmas these holidays. st gifts for her – no matter what she’s into.

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas she’ll adore you for.  

1. Natural Hair Weaves (Peruvian, Brazilian)

We start off with one the ladies love- hair. Get her something authentic and pretty. She may not use it now but she’ll definitely be glad to have it.

2. African Wax Print

Because every lady has to look regal in it. Get your woman something delightful and authentically Ghanaian this Christmas. Heck, she could even make a bespoke dress with it for New Year’s.

3. Make-up Set

Nowadays there are all sorts of great make-up sets for each skin tone. And they are easily accessible in any beauty shop. You know your lady better than anyone. Find out what make-up she likes to use, just take a waltz into a shop and get a set.

4. Bath Salts and Scrubs.

The skin is the largest and most far-reaching organ in the body. It goes without saying that getting the women in your life bath salts to sooth them after a long day and scrubs to keep that complexion even and as the Lord made it, is sure to be a winning present.

5. Scented Candles.

What’s a pampered bath without candles? Getting her scented candles with essential oils to set the mood is always welcome. She could set herself in the bath, read a book and put on some good ambient.

6. A Feel-Good Christmas Holiday Music Playlist

It’s the holidays, we know, not Valentine’s Day but this year has been quite a year. We need all the positive vibes we can get. Curate a soothing music library for that special woman. Let her dance and be glad to spend yet another Christsmas with you.

7. Essential Oils and Serums

Essential oils are a good send. Whether used in aromatherapy or even on the skin, their outcome leads to a veritable place of Zen. They are rich in Vitamins that boost the skin and promote well-being. Let your queen glow with delight.

8. Perfumes

Perfumes are always a good gift to give a lady friend. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell crazy good. We suggest get perfume oils. You get variety and quality.

9. Concert Date Tickets

Detty December is about the corner and there are parties and raves already lined up. From Choachella to December2Remember, the concerts are endless. Get that special someone some tickets to go and see someone they like.

10. A holiday trip out of town.

It’s not a holiday if you don’t get away, they say. Take a trip out of town. This year has been a long one and the first post-pandemic. Immerse yourself in nature by taking a trip out of the city into someone recluse and serene- where the food is good, the ambience is peace and nature is all about. Just a few days trip but trust it’ll mean a lifetime for her.





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