10 fitness pages on Instagram you need to be following

Fitness is a lifestyle. The benefits speak for themselves. Good physical health? A banging body? And a good helping of endorphins? How can you not like it? We are past halfway into the year and that new killer body you listed on your New Year resolutions is not far from reach.

Setting body goals is easier said than done, we know too well, and finding motivation is another hurdle altogether. Let us not get started on finding our beginner’s way around gym equipment.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting your fitness journey. What to eat, how to shred, how to bulk up, how to isolate and exercise particular muscles? So many questions that can easily demoralize you if you don’t have a personal trainer.

While most of us may not have the time for a personal trainer we got the second best thing. We curated a list of fitness trainers from Instagram just for you. These trainers have not only insightful workout tutorials on their pages but also include diet programs as well as fitness hacks. From looking to build mass to getting that body shredded to the max, these trainers will mould you to the optimum.

Ready to get that revenge body?

Here are 15 fitness pages on Instagram you need to be following.

1. Randy Kotey


2. Dovies


3. Sammy Dunkz


4. Karol Wothyla


5. Stannerking Bash


6. Emmanuel Ampadu (Warmz_Incredible)


7. Dr. Zack


8. Fiifi Waddle


9. KingJews


10. Nana Gyamfi






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