10 indoor plants for that chic boho aesthetic

Nature is all around us but for some it’s no where close to their living rooms. When fixing up a room we know the two main essentials usually include paint and furniture. We, however, have decided to add a third: indoor plants.

Indoor plants or house plants are, as their name defines, plants that are grown indoors. Mostly grown to be ornamental, indoor plants have shown to even give positive mental effects.

Infulge us for a moment, wil you. Now, you’ve just paid more than half of your new apartment’s two-year advance. You’re moving in. You’ve done your wallpaper across each room’s four walls. You want to create a home just not a house and so you decide to interior decorate. You want an easy bohemian yet authentically Ghanaian aesthic. Maybe some wood figurines, large pillows, fairy lights and pieces of wax prints.  The antique shops at Lapaz become your new best friend. Now your rooms look habitable but you need that touch of nature- that touch of green. Here’s where these gorgeous indoor plants come in.

Do not be deceived. You do not need to be a natural green thumb to have an indoor plant. This list of indoor plants are not only hardy but can even thrive despite some neglect.

Here are 10 indoor plants for that chic boho aesthetic.


1. Pothos


This plant isn’t also called ‘devil’s ivy’ for nothing. It can survive without sunlight as well as over and under-watering.

2. Aloe


Famous for its cosmetic purposes, this plant could spice up your office desk or bedside.

3. Rubber Plant.


Regular pruning could keep this plant at just the right height for your room. Its leaves give off a sublime scent too. Refresh your room space and air with this colourful beauty of a plant.

4. Spider plant.


This fast-growing plant produces shoots which can easily be re-potted elsewhere. Water it weekly and see it grow lush.

5. Asparagus Fern


This fern can withstand hard conditions more than most. All it needs is moist soil and it’s good to go. And apart from all that, don’t you just love how fluffy it looks? Get your interior all regal with this house plant.

6. Aglaonema


These beauty of a plant can withstand excess water. One of the pretty things about the Aglaonema plant is it’s variants of red, white and even pink!

7. Peace Lily


These plants can even grow in ponds or wetlands. Just give them sunlight and they’ll thank you with blooming spade-shaped flowers.

8. Philodendrons


There’s a lot to love about these trees. Sparse watering isn’t a problem for this indoor plant. In fact, they like to be on the dry side for the most part. Setting these in the corner of your living room would add the needed tropical touch.

9. Christmas Cactus


This plant is the OG of indoor plants. It doesn’t really need attention. The may be a little prickly but they’ll give you pretty red, pink and purple flowers. String it with fairy lights and voila!

10. Monstera


Would this list be complete without this plant? This species of tropical plant are adorned with dramatic hole formations. However, unlike the others this majestic indoor plant requires a little bit of more care.






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