9 legendary moments that prove that nobody can rock a hat better than Reggie Rockstone


Who can rock epic hats at the age of 57 and still look good? That’s right. It’s Reggie Rockstone.

Reginald Osei, or Reggie Rockstone, is a Ghanaian rap musician recognized in Ghana for developing a brand of hip-hop known as HipLife, a blend of American hip-hop beats blended with Ghanaian hi-life rhythms, percussion, and vocals

He raps in Akan, Twi, and English. Between 1997 and 2014, he released five studio albums.

One of the things we love him for is how effortlessly he manages to blend old school you upbeat fashion trends. His hat choice recently caught our eyes. Take a look:


This photo is giving us meme reaction vibes.

Stepping clean as always

Wearing ash but never ashy

Shirtless in red

Shady in black

A whole grandzaddy

Loc’d up.


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