10 life lessons TV host, Peace Hyde has learnt from Africa’s richest woman, Folorunso Alakija

Award-winning producer multi-hyphenate, TV Host, Creator, Journalist and Activist, Peace Hyde has over the years met and interviewed some of Africa’s most prominent people.

After an incredible encounter with the world’s Richest Black Woman, Folorunso Alakija years ago, and even having the privilege of flying on a private jet with the esteemed business mogul, Peace Hyde felt compelled to share her top ten life lessons in a recent thread on social media after her birthday on Monday, July 17, 2023.

She captioned on Instagram along with the insights, “The life story and character of Apostle @AlakijaOfficial is incredibly inspiring driven by unwavering faith, tenacity, integrity, hard work and resilience with an undeniable huge dose of love and grace.????When someone asked me what my take away lessons from spending time with such a remarkable woman I decided to write this thread to share a few! I hope it blesses YOU too friends!♥️”

These life lessons from #FolorunsoAlakija serve as a roadmap for personal and professional development. Embrace them, reflect upon them, and share them with others to inspire and uplift them.

And by applying these principles, you can navigate the path with purpose and resilience.

Here are the invaluable lessons she learned from this remarkable experience:

1. Embrace your Authentic Self

Being your true authentic self is never a bad thing as it may create fear in people who are not able to be authentic with themselves. If you want to heal, grow, prosper and evolve in Gods will for your life, let go of wanting to be liked.

2. Recognize Divine Guidance

If the opportunity, relationship, job, or connection is not from God, find joy and peace in letting it pass you by and wait with a heart full of praise. Not everything that looks good is a good look.

3. Guard Your Blessings

Everyone is not able to handle your blessings – pray for them and wish them well…from a distance.

4. Resilience in the Face of Challenges

You can be changed by what happens to you in life but never be reduced by it.

5. Live with Intention

Live with intention. Be so intentional about every move you make in your life and really channel the person you want to be in everything you do.

6. Harness the Power of Words

What you say holds powerful. You are where you are today because of what you’ve been saying to yourself. Words are like seeds. When you speak something out loud you are giving it life and prophesying it into your future. Be careful with your words!

7. Embrace Failure as a Stepping Stone

Failures are evidence of trying and allow you to see the flaws in your journey which are revealed in the execution of them. Keep trying!

8. Incorporate Prayer and Faith

Prayer and faith in God’s plan for your life must be a key part of your business plan.

9. Embrace the Challenges of Growth

Anytime God calls you to a new level it will seem like you’re losing more than you are gaining…stay encouraged…he is making room.

10. Patience and Consistency

The expression ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ means building a strong body of work does not happen quickly. Wealth cannot be built overnight. Nothing worth having comes easy. Discipline & consistency is what get you there! Remain focused.





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