10 of our favorite absolutely hilarious Usher ‘Watch This’ Meme Tweets

R&B superstar Usher made his debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series just at the end of June. Clad in all black, Usher thrilled in-studio audiences with a performance of some of his greatest hits.

From his 1997 hit “You Make Me Wanna” (which marks its 25th anniversary in August) to “Confessions Part II“, Usher reminded us why his vocals bring chart-topping classics.

The show took place before Usher’s appearance at the Something in the Water festival and had the audience reminiscing while singing along to the artist’s impressive vocals and riffs.

Usher expressed the joy he felt sharing his career-spanning material. “This is Black magic right here,” he said. “I really, really am happy just to be able to celebrate all the years of music.”

And Twitter is having a field day using a particular clip from Usher’s performance as a meme. It’s the ‘Usher Watch This Meme’ and it has us absolutely LMFAO. Even Hollywood celebrities couldn’t help but dig in as well.

Here are our 10 favourite Usher Watch This Meme tweets.

They’ll probably have you in peals of laughter too.

You can watch more of this and Usher’s NPR Tiny Desk here on YouTube.





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