10 of our favourite art pieces from Afrogallonism pioneer Attukwei Clottey

A celebration of Ghana’s history with the yellow gallon containers indeed. Ghanaian contemporary artist Serge Attukwei Clottey is a creative on a mission. And that mission is to create art just brings awareness to environmental sustainability and social disparities.

The artist who predominantly uses yellow gallons, popularly known as jerrycans, in his installations has explored themes of waste management, recyclining and the ills of plastic environmental contamination.

When asked what Afrogallonism is, his answer was, “Afrogallonism is a concept that I have been working with for around seventeen years now. Using yellow plastic gallon containers, my work is concerned with migration and interactions between Ghana and the West. The containers were originally used to store cooking oil that the West supplied to Ghana, and once discarded they are generally turned into plastic waste, which is problematic because we do not have many recycling structures here. By using them as an artistic material to them as an artistic material to cut, drill, and stitch for my sculptures, they migrate via my practice – selling them back to the West as artworks.”

Clottey’s Afrogallonism pieces have graced the world over. Each piece creating awareness and highlighting the importance of taking care of our ecosystem.

Here are our 10 favourite art pieces from Serge Attukwei Clottey’s Afrogallonism.





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