10 People Share The Worst Advice From Over-religious Medical Professionals They Can’t Forget

What is worst than an over-religious person?? Answer: An over-religious person who works in the medical field.

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It can be dangerous and even fatal to allow an over-religious person to be in a professional service like healthcare because lives are at stake. There’s no way someone’s religious or cultural views should supersede well-laid-down rules in health and wellness.

In a now-viral post, Nigerian writer @nazom_ngini shared his thoughts on why it was important to let these religious bigots stay away from healthcare and the responses have been more than eye-opening.

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This is extremely worrying, especially in a system where people continue to grapple with basic access to healthcare and governments turn a blind eye to their duties leaving room for religious groups to determine the best response to treating illness.

“Randomly reminded how dangerous over religious people who work in sexual and reproductive health spaces can be,” he wrote

From unsolicited advice to sharing pamphlets and wrongful accusations, these victims literally escaped worse things or death by the skin of their teeth.

Source: @yungnollywood

Below 10 people share advice from over-religious healthcare professionals they cannot forget and worse still made them traumatised, perhaps this will bring back some long-lost memories of your own.


This is scary

Can you believe it??

Omo things are happening

It’s the audacity for me

Thank God for your mum sha!!!

Sending her love and light

Dear Therapist there’s a huge line between your religion and therapy.

This needs to stop

Mary, mother of Jesus would have had a hard time in this dispensation cos how??

Sis, you gotta sue

*Laughs in the spirit*





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