10 photos that convinced us that Naa Morkor Commodore is a fashion killer.

Naa Morkor Commodore is Miss Universe Ghana 2021 and with the poise and laissez-faire to show for it.

The Wedding Planner and model is stunning and we support her a hundred percent as she contests for the Miss Universe Crown 2021 which comes up on the 13th of December, 2021.

That being said we couldn’t help but me enamored with Naa Morkor’s Instagram. Her photos are absolutely stunning. Her fashion, her looks, the hair. We cannot get enough.

We just had to share. Here are 10 photos that convinced us that Naa Morkor Commodore is a fashion killer.

Your Highness.

Caramel Spill.

Truly custom made.

Tulle le Mode.

“She is but a flower.”

Velvet like the night.

Classic like in the 60s

Legally pink

Wrap about that.

Red laced and ready.





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