10 Photos That Prove That Hamamat Montia Is The Blueprint When It Comes To Afros


Glowing brown skin and shea butter are definitely not the only things we know Hamamat Montia for. We also love her for her passion for frolicking in nature and her outstanding afros.

Hamamat Montia has been producing shea butter, oils, and natural essentials under the Hamamat African beauty range. She has also been working on her Shea Butter village since settling in Ghana with her two daughters.

She is a proud Northerner and a Pan-Africanist who is dedicated to showcasing African culture.

She was evolved to become the sole inspiration of what we like to call #Phro-tos; photos of lovely black women wearing their afros out without fear. Take a look



Cracks In Yellow

Cinched Goddess

Glowing Green

Flowering Natural

Bean Brown Skinned

Happy Fro

A Barbie

Green with Nature


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