10 reactions to Kanye West changing his name legally to Ye

Kanye West has been an absolute spectacle, for the good and strange reasons, this past year
. He had a meltdown on Twitter, teased the thought of retirement from music, announced a divorce with his reality-TV star wife Kim Kardashian and then started a series of performative private album-listening shows. Mind you, the said and much anticipated album Donda is still not out or with a release date in sight.

Now Kanye West has decided to take it a step farther. No, not his open yet personal lunch dates with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

No, not that. The Grammy award-winning artist has officially changed his name from Kanye West to Ye. Yes, you read right. The Heartbreaks and 808s artist is officially known as just Ye.

Of course, Twitter was not going to let this lie down easy. In the way that the micro-blogging platform always does some banter and cruise became the order of the day.

Here are 10 reactions to Kanye West officially changing his name to Ye.

1. Now hear this.

2. A question for the oracles.

3. You’re asking the wrong people.

4. We did too.

5. How…graphic.

6. Maybe, just maybe, it’s what he wants.

7. Mean.

8. And tramadol.

9. Me too.

10. The people need to know.


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