10 reactions to the Twitter hashtag #justicefor499Lawstudents

Last week saw the graduation of some young lawyers being called to the Ghana Bar Association. Pleasing as it may sound the number of lawyers called to the Bar were a minuscule 91 compared to the overall 474.

For the longest time Ghana’s law school policy has been the subject of controversy. The rigorous entrance cut-offs, the duration of the profession’s training as well as the all-round conservative approach by the legal fraternity on almost all matters have festered over the years. For an institution built on libertarian values and ideals these impressions do not do the Association and its lack of legal manpower any good.

Allegations of nepotism, favouritism and subtle clanism annually follow the results of law students. This year unfortunately is no different. Presently, 499 students are demanding a reprieve after their results were disqualified even after passing the exams. The official Twitter of the National Union of Ghanaian Students have voiced out their support for the 499 students whose results were arbitrarily disqualified.

After six years of training, these 499 law students believe it is only just for them to receive the laurel they deserve.

Ghana Twitter went alight with their support for the 499 law students.

Here are 10 reactions to the Twitter hashtag #justicefor499Lawstudents

1. Indeed.

2. Really is.

3. Perhaps that is the agenda.

4. I tell you!

5. Let’s all support them.

6. No reason given.

7. It’s up to the neck.

8. Solidarity.

9. It’s so terrible.

10. And Mother Ghana is losing out.





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