10 reasons you need to visit the Volta Region

The Volta Region took a hard blow last year during the Covid Crises. While Ghana as a whole is not entirely out of the pandemic, the Volta Region suffered staggering devastation to its local economy during the lockdown.

A lot of jobs in tourism, aquaculture, trade and commerce had to come to a halt during the height of the pandemic.

Luckily, with the ease of restrictions the balmy region is returning to normalcy. It is open for business as a tourist and holiday destination for both locals and foreigners. Are you ready for turquoise waters, delightful white sand beaches and some original akple and abobi tadi?

Here’s our 10 best reasons to fly east to the Volta Region and revel in authentic Southern Ghanaian culture.

1. The White Sandy Beaches

Th­e coastline in the Volta Region is among some of the most beautiful in the Sub-Saharan Region. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches, you will find places like Keta and Sogakope to your absolute delight. With white sand that stretches almost as far as the eye can see, the beaches here are sure to have you immersed with nature.

2. The Absolutely Finger-licking Food

When we say food in the Volta Region we are talking about authentic Ewe food. What is your fancy? Akple with abobi tadi? Gari eba with ademe soup with your crab giving you the peace sign? Or you want to take it easy with some banku, stone-ground pepper and dried Keta schoolboys? Whew! You better carry your stomach with you when you come to the Volta Region with food in mind.

3. The Heritage

For the longest time the Elmina and Cape Coast Castle have been the eye of pre-colonial history for many in the diaspora. However, the Volta Region also holds vestiges of an era best not overlocked. With the ruins of forts such as Fort Prinzenstein in Keta, reminisce on Ghanaian history and heritage and the cultural intersection shared yet still amongst the Ewe peoples.

4. The Festivals

Which brings us to the culture. Bright and loud, the festivals in the Volta Region are always a delight to witness. The favourite Anlo festival Hogbetsotso brings natives and tourists from far and wide annually. Sweeping the streets with dance, historical performance and singing, this festival which starts on the first Saturday of November brings into play the region’s rich and diverse history and tribal culture.

5. Resort to Spas

I mean, it is the Volta Region we are talking about. We cannot leave out the elegant and inviting resorts and spas made just for you and your special someone(s). The Volta Region has whatever fit your fancy. If you want a majestic touch for you and yours then the Sogakope Beach Resort with their private balconies and terraces will have you sighing as all the stress is kneaded out of your body. If you need something homely, quaint and biomorphic then we suggest the Wli Water Height Hotel. With as low as GHS93 you could book a reserve now and upon stay.

6. Nature Calls

Mawu’s canvas, the Volta Region has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ghana made just for your eyes. Hohoe’s green and lush woodlands, Amedzofe’s foothills and cool weather and Tafi Atome’s view of the highlands are a foretaste of Eden. Nature is one with the people here so do not mind if you come across sociable monkeys or even road-crossing warthogs.

7. The Relief Features

And boy do they bring you relief. The waterfalls and mountains here are images of splendour. Wli Falls and Mt. Afadjato are some of the famous sites for tourism in this regard. Enjoy a team-effort of hiking the tallest mountain in Ghana or just bathe in the soothing waters of the waterfall? We encourage you to enjoy all two.

8. Kente

You have probably heard about Ashanti Kente but the Ewes of the Volta Region also have their indigenously woven Kente. Explore Kpetoe and their distinguished kente which typically has woven animals, human and symbolic patterns depicting history and culture as seen through the eyes of the Ewe people. Assert yourself by trying on some of the most regal kente your eyes shall ever behold. You deserve it.

9. The Recreation

You travelled to relax but also to have fun. What say you take a cruise on the Volta Lake? Visit the Dodi Islands? Dance and make friends with locals and other tourists. Here you can find adventure in watersports, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing.

10. Ho Airport

‘Easy for you to say.’ ‘The drive to the Volta Region is too long.’ ‘The traffic.’ Well, all that is now a thing of the past. The Ho Airport is officially open and now entry into the Eastern corridor of Ghana is open to all. Book a flight today with Passion Airlines and blitz across the skies to beautiful green Volta Region. Your favourite holiday destination awaits.





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