10 simple facts of life that will make you get out of bed.

The truth is truth has a nature and that nature depends on what you choose believe. Depending on where you stand the truth can have varying states of being for a person.

However, a fact is more constant than a truth. It remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (hopefully).

Here’s an example, when you say the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, this is a fact. However, when you say you are in Kumasi, this is a truth (at least at that exact moment). Truths are subjective and facts are objective. And this is the reason why taking cognizance of certain facts will ensure you live a healthy and productive life.

There are simple facts of life that you probably don’t think of that can change your life for the better.

Scroll down to read 10 of them:

1. The present is the only time that really matters. You can’t change the past.

You may not like to hear this but this is a fact. You are not promised tomorrow. You only have now. Learn from the past to inform your now for a better tomorrow.

2. Your reaction to a problem matters more than the problem itself.

This may sound callous, especially if the problem seems larger than life. However, the choice remains yours to either allow the problem to break you or make you.

3. Your actions inspire more than your words or thoughts.

This is the textbook definition of Show Workings. You can think or say a great thing but if you don’t walk the talk then why bother?

4. Excuses prevent you from becoming your best you.

Making excuses for every situation does not build character. It only chips at it. Overcome hurdles by seeing new angles to them and you’ll witness yourself bloom into the best version of yourself.

5. Other people’s opinions aren’t your problem.

Like our grandmother’s used to say, “I came into the world alone and I’ll be leaving alone as well.” Why bother about what other people think? Respect others, respect yourself and keep others opinions to themselves.

6. You can’t make everyone happy.

This is not to say do not try, but accept that this is the way the world and the people in it work. Don’t kill yourself trying to make everyone happy. You’ll lose the script to your own joy.

7. You can only focus on what you can control.

You can’t control everything. You can’t control people’s thoughts. People’s opinions or their actions. You can however control how you react to them. Look to that.

8. Investing in yourself will bring you the greatest profits.

You want money? You want fame? You want success? Then invest in yourself; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The returns will come in throes.

9. Your material possessions will eventually mean nothing. Your impact will.

Accept that this is the way life works. You’ll live, you’ll strive, you’ll acquire and you’ll die. What makes your life a measure of greatness is the impact you leave after you’re gone. Not the number of zeroes in your bank account.

10. Time is the greatest asset.

Time cannot be bought. It cannot be paid for. Time is the greatest asset to mankind. Use it wisely.





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