10 things introverts wish everybody else knew

An introvert is someone who is more concerned with their thoughts and inner feelings than with the outside world or social relations. Basically, introverts are people who like to keep to themselves.

You see that? You see how Yaya looks? I mean apart from that killer afro and glowing skin, you see how she’s smiling? Yup, that’s serenity.

Being an introvert almost always goes like this. Your friends (what little you have) will hit you up for a night out on the town. You’ll pick up and be wishy-washy about whether you are available. And then at the eleventh hour you just send a text like “Oh, I’m sorry. Something urgent has just come up. Can’t make it. Rain check.

You know the only thing urgent is your need to wrap yourself with the covers and just binge the latest season of Money Heist.

Being an introvert has it’s perks. You mind your business. You have peace of mind. And your skin, hopefully, starts to glow.

But sometimes being an introvert gets you some flack. Some people assume your lack of communication is as a result of you being conceited. That’s not to say some people aren’t just plain toxic with how they treat people. However, some introverts just want to be left…alone

Twitter user, @salemkinging took to the micro blogging site to ask introverts what most people failed to know about them

And as things on the internet go he got himself some answers. Here are 10 things introverts wish everybody else knew.

1. Not a fire starter.

2. An introvert’s PSA List

3. Minding your business.

4. Just for laughs.

5. The thought process.

6. Look within.

7. It’s the thought that counts.

8. On my own but not alone.

9. Once heard. Twice shy.

10. Someone has found their kith.


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