10 things you should be watching this week on Netflix

Welcome to our Watchlist- where we find for you things to watch this week and beyond.  We have spent a long time watching things on Netflix. A long LONG time. So we like to think of ourselves as the movie buffs that you didn’t know you needed.

With all those movie and series listings, scrolling through Netflix for a chill movie night can be so much stress. So that’s why we came up with list of the most current content to for you and yours this week.

We will save you the task of scrolling through Netflix till next week.

Here are 10 things you should be watching on Netflix this week.


1. Like Cotton Twines

Please, keep your tissues close. Leila Djansi’s touching drama about an American volunteer teaching at a remote school in the Volta Region will have you sobbing. Highlighting the ills of the Trokosi System, this movie does not only give you heart but also the mind to see culture with its nuances.


2. Fear Street Part 1: 1994

An homage to Scream,  Fear Street Part 1: 1994 – the first in a trilogy of films from the dark mind of RL Stine is the first on our list. Touting 90s nostalgia, this movie focuses on the legend of a witch that is slaughtering the teenagers of Shadyside. The tropes Scooby Doo style mystery-solving group of teenagers comes into play here. But what they uncover may not be what they hoped to find.


3. America: The Motion Picture

Do not expect any historical accuracy in this animated film. With voice talents such Andy Samberg as Benedict Arnold who is a werewolf, obviously, you know that there’ll be peals of laughter.


4. Somos

While Narcos and Queen of the South remain hard on the drug-war genre, Somos is one not to be overlooked either. A rather reflective look at the Mexican drugs war, told through the people on the ground who it affected, this is a six-part drama that feels like a documentary in some places. The show leads up to the true-life events that culminated in mass killing by the Los Zetas drug cartel.


5. This is Pop: Season 1

A nostalgic look at some of the greatest pop songs of all time, as well as the people that made them. We find ourselves finding out the passions and inspirations behind some of he greatest hits.


6. Lupin Part 2

The Lupin bandwagon is passing through town and you need to jump on it. Based on the famous set of books in France, this is about Arsène Lupin, a thief and master of disguise, and his adventures. Part 2 is just as engrossing a Part 1 with Omar Sy utterly compelling in this French crime drama.


7. Godzilla Singular Point

This anime blends hand-drown animation with CGI to create a sci-fi lead story about the most famous lizard that ever lived. There’s enough Kaiju for anyone who is a lover of the genre.


8. Sweet Tooth

The plot of this one might be too close to home – a virus sweeps the world and humanity is in chaos. Sounds familiar? Well, not so much. At least not yet. In the aftermath of this virus, called the Great Crumble, children are being born as half animal hybrids and that’s easily the most normal thing in this series. Buckle up for a weird ride.


9. Ragnarok

The second season of this show dropped on Netflix and we feel this is one of the best non-English shows on the streaming platform. Based on Norse mythology and focusing on a group of teenagers who are the incarnation of Norse gods, this is a show with big messages – including climate change.


10. Fear Street Part Three – 1666

This enjoyable horror series comes to an end with Fear Street Part Three – 1666. As you can guess, this one is set way back in the past where we get to understand just what happened to make all that horrid horrors take place in Shadyville. There’s a really nice twist here where we see all the actors play variants of their characters in the past, all culminating in a finale that ties everything together in horrifying fashion.






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