10 things you should not wear for your first date. Know this and get a second date

10 things you should never wear for a first date

Picking a dress for a first date can be a strenuous task. You’ve probably heard that what you wear speaks volumes about you. It is definitely everyone’s goal to leave a good mark after their date. First impressions do count. Not every thing seats well for a first date. However knowing the venue for the date helps to pick the appropriate outfit. It would be best if you know whether it is a coffee date, lunch date or dinner date so that you dress accordingly. Here are 10 things you should never wear for your first date.

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1. Sports Wear

You love sports . That’s really good but we would not advise you to wear your workout attire for you very first date. Wearing a sports outfit can turn your date off.

2. Too High Heels

Some relationship experts advise against wearing heels above 3 inches for your first date. This is because it can get uncomfortable and awkward. You should always wear something you feel cosy in. You do not want to walk in with wobbling legs or worst fall on your very first date. You could go in for flats or heels that aren’t too high.

3.Phrase shirts

You might want to reconsider wearing that phrase shirt. Wearing shirts emblazoned with inscriptions may bring up controversial topics . Why so much drama on a first date? Keep it simple .

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not exactly suitable for a first date. Girl it is a first date! Wearing glasses make you appear strict and also give the impression that you are hiding something.  Girl let those pretty eyes meet his.

5. Too Tight Clothes

Remember you have to be comfortable during the date. You can’t wear clothes that will make it difficult for you to sit or even breathe. It is best to do away with tight clothes .

6. Too much jewellery

Wearing jewelleries can spice up your outfit but too much of it can ruin it. Imagine your necklace or bangles making noise each time you move on that date.

7. Too much makeup

Too much makeup can ruin the whole show. A little foundation with a touch of lip gloss or mascara will do. Or better still, you can go with a natural look.

8. Too much perfume

Experts think wearing too much perfume on a first date can be a problem.

9. Stained Clothes

You should pay attention to the dress you pick for a date. Stains on clothes have the tendency to put your date off. Also, you should avoid getting stains or spills on your dress during the date.

10. Wearing someone else.

This is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself on your first date. It is always better to be yourself. Do not wear clothes or accessories that make you feel uncomfortable.  In as much as you want to create a memorable impression you should not go over board. If you feel comfortable it will be easier to connect with the other person.  Be yourself, wear yourself. 

All the best on that first date.








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