10 times Lydia Forson showed us why she’s the undisputed Clapback Queen of Ghana Twitter

We don’t care, we don’t care. In this place- on this site, we stan Lydia Forson. Period. From her vivacious sense of fashion, her didactic political opinions and her cutting clapbacks.

Award-winning actress Lydia Forson doesn’t play. She’s what we call a multi-tasker. While Lydia Forson stays slaying on the Big Screen, peppering us with her IG posts, running her successful beauty brand Kinky Matters, she still finds time to school the ignorant on Ghana Twitter. She’ll maul you if you enter her mentions with disrespect. How can we not stan a queen who knows when to (ahem) execute?

So best be on your best behaviour before Miss Lydia Forson when on the Twitterverse.

Here are 10 times Lydia Forson showed us why she’s the undisputed Clapback Queen of Ghana Twitter.

When Gabby Otchere-Darko insinuated that Ghanaians not paying E-levy was why the cedi was plummeting.

When she reminded a member of 700Twitter that he needs to behave like a member of society.

When she made us collectively SMH at an unfortunate comment a political foot soldier tweeted.

When she decided a video reaction was the best action.

When she described something for exactly what it was.

When she weighed in on miserable people who got mad because a mother taught her son something about self-care.

When she highlighted the importance of owning your own thoughts

When she wrapped a quick read with a nice bough.

When she LOLed while blocking a troll.

When a visually-impaired troll forgot his eyes don’t see right.

You can check out Lydia Forson’s latest movie BORGA which is showing in Silverbird Theatres nationwide.





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