10 Twitter reactions to Big Sean’s 6’500 Bee photoshoot

It seems Big Sean has been very bee-sy.
He’s been sharing with us more of his beez-ness. Alright, alright. That’s enough word play.

Big Sean created a buzz on the Internet with his latest photo-op. The Like It’s My Last hit artist had a photoshoot with over 6k bees- 6, 500 bees to be exact! As seen on @DailyLoud on Twitter, Big Sean clearly looks at ease as the entire swarm made their way all over him.

Talk about getting hives all over your body, right.

No stranger to pushing limits with his discography and music videos it was a bit different seeing Big Sean go all Fear Factor with his photoshoot.

Of course, the post incited clicks and views and the comments were weighed between positive and all the way freaked out.

Here are 10 Twitter reactions to Big Sean’s 6’500 bee photoshoot.

He’s beezee with it.

2. I scromed a scrim.

3. It’s uncanny.

4. Bee the best you.

5. These comments are bee-coming un-bee-coming.

6. The hives alone.

7. That would have BEEN a collaboration.

8. We hear you, brother.

9. This meme- dead!

10. The woe of an intern.





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