10 Twitter reactions to Jay-Z deleting his Instagram after just ONE day!

And here we thought it was the start of an era. It seems Jay-Z has deleted his Instagram. Just after one day. Look, we just saw this and true to the tweet Jay-Z’s IG is gone.

Social media was abuzz with Jay-Z’s launch on the platform. Well if they were talking before they sure as heck are chattering now. Jay-Z has deleted his Instagram after just one day and Twitter is catching a cruise with it.

Word on the vine is that Jay-Z and his PR team set up his Instagram to promote his new executively produced Netflix movie The Harder They Fall.

Ploy or no, here are 10 Twitter reactions to Jay-Z deleting his Instagram after just ONE day.

1. More reason to take the money and dawg the dinner

2. He can’t get with it.

3. You think?

4. My sides.

5. My sides.

6. Too fast.

7. But we want to deal with him.

8. That’s the bar.

9. You know, sounds like something he’d do.

10. Y’all can deal with yourselves.





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