10 Twitter reactions to the Trotro strike.

If you don’t drive your own car, today must have been hectic for you.

Crazy things are happening in Accra. The city of sweat, tears and thousands, if not millions of Johnny Walkers.

The Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners on Monday, 6th December halted operations until the government cuts various fuel taxes, lowering the price of gasoline at the pump.

Many commuters who rely on their services to get to and from their numerous locations have been left stranded as a result.

As usual, Twitter blew up. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the news.

As is should be!

If we do not win the World Cup after this, it has to be witchcraft


On God!

Damaging cars is a bit too extreme no?

The shortest of stories you will hear today.

In the voice of Twene Jonas, ‘We’ll be aight’


While you were doing keep fit, uncle was up, making moves

Trotro Tweeps took their Legzus to work today





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