12 gorgeous garments from B’venaj you need to see

See how radiant Ayisha Yakubuu and Barikisu look? Beauty and poise that’d make a sultan and his magi kneel. See their Ghanaian print garments? See how they breathe opulence? It is no surprise seeing as their B’venaj pieces.

B’venaj is that gift of a fashion house that keeps on giving. The Ghanaian fashion designer never fails to give us trendy and jaw-dropping couture outfits. Blending both Ghanaian textiles and motifs with Western designs and a touch of Middle East in there, B’venaj’s outfits are best described as sublime.

Be it bespoke garments for your traditional wedding or ready-to-wear outfits for that night out at Front/Back? B’venaj wraps you up like the royalty you are. Seeing is believing, they say. Well, best see and believe.

Here are 12 gorgeous garments from B’venaj you need to see.

1. High society


2. See through the aesthetic.


3. Check out the oh the Range


4. Pretty in Pink.


5. White sight.


6. The material speaks for itself.


7. Print your pace.


8. Good things come in threes.


9. Vintage yet novel.


10. Step into the fast lane.


11. Flow in linen.


12. Haute 10/10


You can check out more of B’venaj exquisite creations here.





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