12 Twitter reactions to Burna Boy jamming to Black Sherif’s Second Sermon

Black Sherif has been having an absolutely amazing year. His single Second Sermon has attained 6.2M views since July. 6.2M views! That’s a whopper of a number and we love to see it.

The young Hip-hop/Hip-life artist’s craft just got into a new dimension. Grammy award-wining Nigerian musician Burna Boy posted a video of himself jamming to the hit song Second Sermon last night.

This is fortuitous considering one of Black Sherif’s role models, as he has stated in previous interviews, is Burna Boy.

Burna Boy’s video created a buzz on Ghana Twitter. Black Sherif’s fan base, Sad Boys, went alive on Twitter. Positive commentary and reviews have followed since.

Here are 12 Twitter reactions to Burna Boy jamming to Black Sherif’s
Second Sermon.

1. And we are here for it.

2. Never too early to enter the studio.

3. One more Sad Boy joins the congregation.

4. Cross border, cross culture.

5. A prophecy?

6. Duolingo Akan update?

7. Worldwide

8. None.

9. Through and through.

10. Getting there.

11. Crazy good.

12. Takes time.


You can listen to more from Black Sherif Here.





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