15 Hilarious Twitter responses to Nigeria banning mannequins

Yes, you read right. They are banning mannequins in Nigeria now.

The state of Kano in Nigeria pronounced a ban on mannequins on Wednesday 30th of June 2021. This declaration which was made by the Kano State Hisbah Board in effect bans the display of mannequins in tailor shops, supermarkets and boutiques.

The head of Hisbah, Harun Ibn-Sina, said the use of mannequins controverts the teaching of Islam, the predominant religion Kano. The reason? “The use of mannequins violates Islamic provisions, it is also responsible for immoral thoughts among some members of the public, all these are against Islam,” he stated.


The official added that Hisbah would embark on a ‘desensitization’ campaign on how Islam frowns on the use of mannequins.

In order to better understand this bizarre news here is a little knowledge on Hisbah. The Kano State Hisbah Corps, which was institutionalized in 2003, are a religious ‘policing’ force mandated with enforcing Sharia Law in Kano State. The Hisbah Corps sometimes arbitrates voluntary reconciliation of disputes, verbally chastising violators of Sharia, and maintaining order at religious celebrations. They are also trained to assist with disaster response operations. However, they do not have the authority to execute arrests. Nonetheless Hisbah exercises a strong mandate in Nigeria’s Kano State.

Of course, this pronouncement did not come without some interesting takes from Nigerians on Twitter. Here are 15 hilarious responses that will leave your sides aching from laughter.














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