We’re living for style-lover Ama Bentsi-Enchill’s iconic OOTDs

Age never looked so sublime. What? Who?! Madame Ama Bensti-Enchill Duncan that’s who? She is this week’s Friday Fervour. The Ghanaian corporate consultant doesn’t just lead in the boardroom but also in the corporate fashion ballroom. And she is adventurous with it. She’s not shy from giving us a peek, albeit sparingly, into her fashion world.

From flamingo-pink coats with ostrich feather sleeves to long African-print string skirts, Madame Bensti-Enchill serves nothing but style cured over seasoned years. Seasoned years which have been spent climbing the leadership ladder in the industries of Banking, Investments and Oil and Gas.

An alum of Achimota School (which explains her poise) Madame Bentsi-Enchill’s career started with petroleum consultancy in the late 80’s. Then she transitioned into Banking as the Head of Human Resources at HFC Bank in 2003. Currently, Madame Bensti-Enchill serves as a C-level consultant for the Sirdar Group, a business that trains high-performance boards.

When we spotted Madame Bentsi-Enchill’s handle on the Gram we couldn’t help but rate her fashion OOTDs 10/10. She often blends bright colours with her outfits so well and yet manages to make them look like she was in an episode of Dynasty. Whether to the office, dinner or on holiday, Madame Bentsi-Enchill’s wardrobe style is always a sight to behold.

We just had to share.

Here are 15 of our favourite Madame Ama Bensti-Enchill’s OOTDs.





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