15 OOTD outfits from fashion designer RamiRTW

RamiRTW is a designer to keep an eye on. She’s going to blow up really really big real soon. Her designs are absolutely exquisite and so is her carefully curated Instagram page. The photography, the make-up, the stunning models? Where to start even?

She says “simplicity is the ultimate  sophistication.” Well, there is nothing simple about those gorgeous chemise designs she incorporates into her dresses. If you’re looking for girly and dainty with delicate stone adorning then you’ve found rest with RamirRTW. Her fashion designs are all OOTD-worthy. Each Instagram post of hers drips absolute slayage. We are absolutely in awe.

We looked through some of her wardrobe and decided to put a spotlight on our favourites.

Here are 15 OOTD outfits from fashion designer RamirRTW’s Instagram.

1. Cocoa butter brown.


2. Skintight.


3. Strawberry Delight


4. Sheree!


5. Diamond duchess.


6. Just…absolutely gorgeous.


7. Get jiggy.


8. Meet me at the palace for high tea?


9. Breathtaking.


10. Goddess or queen?


11. Couture cash.


12. Earth princess.


13. Blue bells


14. In plain sight?


15. Satin sensual.






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