15 women share their worst relationship experiences

Building relationships are hard. Maintaining one? Way harder. With a lot of social media reducing contact hours with other people it is no surprise that some of us find it difficult to find that special someone.

Dating apps are a great service but there is only so much they can do. Most relationships end up doomed from the start nowadays and mostly it’s based off miscommunication. Sometimes, it’s the lack of any communication! ‘Why are you not responding to texts?’ ‘Why are you entertaining your ex?’ ‘Why are you picking the savourees I specifically  ordered for MYSELF off MY PLATE?!’ You get the drift.

While, the age-old gender dynamic has changed somewhat over the years in dating, what remains true are the classic experiences both genders face. While most men crave tolerance and most women crave fidelity, both sexes agree that they ultimately want peace of mind.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Especially when you model yourself after that Disney fairy tale love story. Some of the harrowing experiences people face in relationships will have you reconsidering jumping into the 21st century dating pool.

Oloni Baby is a popular UK social media activist for women’s sexual rights who runs @SimplyOloni. Running an award-winning digital platform for women’s sex and relationship features, she gets to give insight into some of the ups and downs in modern dating and relationships. Her features inspire and educate on the lengths people will go to keep relationships and the breaking points that made them leave it all.

This is not to say that love is not a beautiful, amazing, rollercoaster of a gift. Love is magic and dating or courting (if you are thinking long-term) is something we encourage you to indulge in.

Lessons can be learned from bad experiences, even if they are not ours- especially if you are dating a sociopathic narcissist from the deepest circles of hell. This way, one can better advise their hearts in case they find themselves falling into a cesspit of a relationship. Never say ‘it couldn’t be me.’ Anything can happen to even the strongest of us. Read and heed these lessons.

Disclaimer: some of these posts are very, very traumatic. Please read them with care. Side-effects may include rage and frustration.

Here are 15 worst experiences women faced in their relationships.


1. He said what?


2. Now, Now! We need him locked up now!


3. Attempted murder is what this is.


4. This man really needs to be saved coz…


5. Absolutely trifling.


6. Thank heavens he’s an ex.


7. Tears.


8. The impudence!


9. Rude. Just rude.


10. Oh, this one cuts like ice.


11. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


12. I was born a savage.


13. What is this mental gymnastics?


14. Aeih, my chest oo.


15. Speechless.






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