3 Easy tips for taking magazine-like pictures with your smartphone

For most of us our smartphones are the closest things to us. Whether in your pocket, in your bag or your man purse *giggles*, we all know the value of having your smartphone with you. It’s great for communicating in real-time, nifty with e-banking transactions, reliable as an on-the-go media player and with new phone models it’s a terrific camera.

See how exquisite musician and model Mona Montrage AKA. @hajia4real looks above? You’d think she was on the cover of Fader. That’s the look you are want- it’s the look you need.

Smartphones allow us to snap all our IG-worthy shots and share the most engaging aspects of our lives. And while some phones may not reach up to Blackmagic cameras we cannot deny the benefits of shooting with your mobile phone. No stress and instant pictures right there in your palm. With a few apps like Snapseed, Photoshop or Canva you could have yourself looking like the cover of a Harper’s Bazaar editorial.

There are ways to step up your mobile photogtaphy game and just in luck we are here to share them. Most of us aren’t as savvy with editing pictures or even taking them but we believe these easy to do techniques will go a long way in helping your step into the lens world.

Here are 3 Easy tips for taking magazine-like pictures with your smartphone.

1. Highlight your subject

We suggest using portrait mode on your smartphone’s camera. You want to foreground the object of your lens. Do not be in a hurry to snap a shot. Allow the lens to focus and then say cheese!

2. Play with angles

Shooting from different angles is always a yes! Play with angles. For example when shooting an outfit for your Instagram page we recommend shooting from below. This creates the illusion of height and also allows for your subject to be enforced completely in the foreground of the shot.

3. Dabble with lighting.

They say the golden hours are the best time to take shots (sunrise and sunset). We absolutely agree but we can’t all decide to have photo shoots then. You can apply Night Mode with your shoots when snapping with your mobile phone. We encourage using lights around you especially when taking a picture in the evening. Amber streetlights can give a warm texture to pictures if you are looking for that street angst look. Fairy lights, which are popular now, will definitely brighten your shots with a boho chic edge. And if you want an afro cyberpunk look then consider the neon lights that brighten saloons, barbering shops and pubs at night. If you are lacking with light then we suggest using HDR mode on your phone. When light is brighter or darker than ideal, this is the mode that best captures more details in shadows and highlights. You could even try it when shooting landscape shots or with a smartphone that works underwater. Don’t ask us why underwater. Tyra had the ladies on ANTM do it so you know that’s the stuff of high fashion. *Shrug*.

So there you have it 3 Easy tips for taking magazine-like pictures with your phone. Do you have any other suggestions for us. Drop some ideas in the comments below.





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