20 Inside Jokes that only Ghanaians will understand

What’s trending on Twitter you ask? Football but with a Ghanaian twist. By twist, we mean the funniest inside jokes you won’t understand if you are a Ghanaian that does not understand Twi or you’re not Ghanaian entirely.

Leave it to Ghanaians to make everything funny. Over the week, you might have seen memes of footballer’s names being related to Ghanaian songs among others. Now, a joke ceases to be funny when it is explained but if you’re looking for Ghanaian citizenship, this is the test you need to pass. Let’s see how many of these inside jokes you can get.

Somebody call Samini

Somebody call Samini

Its a celebration


Gotta admit this is too clever

Come on now!



Its crew, Ghanaians. The word is crew.

A forever gem

Had to take you to driving school.

They  just had to involve the Fantes

Creativity at a 1000

Totally uncalled for but..true

This. This is just too much

I can’t even

Im done

We just had to

Throw Ghanaians in a bin please

This was expected. It had to happen

Kwesi Arthur is on the phone. he wants his song back



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