20 of the most funny tweets on this viral #3tor and koobi special

July 6, 2021

Whilst Makola Market was fiery yesterday another fire was burning on Ghana Twitter. A Twitter user with the handle @Ama_Burland went viral when she posted a picture of a popular Ghanaian meal she had ordered from a restaurant. This meal of 3tor and koobi set Ghana Twitter into a frenzy.

The food she ordered was not the topic of discussion but instead the price. According to @Ama_Burland’s post, the meal cost GHS90.

Just so you are clear 3tor is a meal composed of mashed boiled yam mixed with palm oil. This meal is usually complimented with boiled eggs or dried salted tilapia, locally known as koobi. This post promoted thousands of responses. Here are 20 of the top-liked and retweeted comments from users.

Shaibu has cashed out

Someone got it for more on the same app

Annointing Oil all the way

Please we hope delivery is part or we’ll fight

Arnold what?

Severe pains


Shatta Wale won’t find rest

Please the gods are not to blame

Just imagine

A testament of its great taste?

Chop time, no friend



Ego ketch oo!

We have jealous gods

ISO 3tor

It will keep you chaste

My chest!

Kanta Special

Koo Blacky

God is her helper

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