20 positive affirmations that people learned in therapy

Mental health is a critical part of human functionality. Without proper mental health, well, the burden and stress affects are daily life. It’s not so easy finding a good therapist. And more so an affordable one.

The beauty of social media is that it allows people, who would never have known each other, to interact and share experiences. Sometimes it can be negative and even traumatic. But sometimes it can be positive and wholesome.

A Twitter handle by name of @drivingmemadi made a post asking for nuggets of information people learnt in therapy.

The response was overwhelmingly insightful.

Here are 20 positive affirmations that people learned in therapy.

Disclaimer: these may not apply to your personal circumstances. Nonetheless, these affirmations bolster mental positivity.


1. Your struggle is valid.


2. You are the MC of your life as everyone is in theirs.


3. It is all about perspective.


4. Nothing wrong with second-guessing sometimes.


5. You don’t have to excuse but you can still forgive.


6. Taking the step to move on is closure.


7. Safeguard your mental space.


8. Do not excuse abusive behaviour.


9. Relish your complexities.


10. Is it always one or the other?


11. Take not of these kind and abstain from their presence. With the quickness!


12. Someone once said, work folk only miss you as long as it takes for water to dry on your body.



13. You can’t control the eyes of others. Just yours.


14. This is what being the Bigger Person means


15. It’s not your fault that you are recovering.


16. You are on your own but not alone.


17. Anger tends to be sadness’s bodyguard.


18. Protect the inner child in you.


19. Make those intrusive thoughts visitors and not guests.


20. You know yourself best.


So there you have it. Did you find these affirmations helpful or relatable? Do you have any to share? Tell us in the comments below.

For access to local mental health facilities. Check out here.






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