20 rib-cracking Twitter posts from #NSSPosting

The Ghana National Service Scheme have yet to release the 2021 posting even though it’s been overdue. So much so that when the hoax about the postings got out #NSSPosting came up in the trends on Twitter.

The Ghana National Service Scheme (NSS) is a patriotic initiative of the Government of Ghana in which all tertiary graduates are mandated to work in institutions for a subsidized allowance.

Ah, the memories. Waking up earlier than usual to dodge morning traffic, queuing to get your forms endorsed and waiting for the notice in the WhatsApp work group chat that allawa has dropped. Don’t even get me started on looking for a bank with Ezwich. Memories *sigh*. For some of us NSS is a rite of passage into the Ghanaian working environment that we do not always enjoy until maybe five years later when we cast our memories back. For others too it’s an opportunity of a lifetime that could even lead to gaining full employment. Either way, love for country and patriotism are ideals we believe Ghana needs to transform for the better.

Twitter has been busy about NSS nostalgia with memes and jokes to make you keel. Their postings got so much traction that it generated the hashtag #NSSPosting in the trends.

Here are 20 rib-cracking Twitter posts from #NSSPosting.

1. You will learn to live Ghana.

2. No coco for you.

3. Choices choices.

4. Greatest.

5. Girl in the city.

6. Service to Mother Ghana.

7. Introductions are needed.

8. Protocol.

9. Rubbish.

10. Cruise.

11. Destiny changer.

12. Passion for the nation.

13. Come and serve!

14. Whatever you do, you will go.

15. Protocol high enough to Iconic Penthouses.

16. Service to Mother Ghana update 2.0.

17. Akwaaba.

18. Equals is the same.

19. Feeding the future leaders.

20. Fix it!


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