3 fun and free things you can do in Accra this week

They say Accra stay is by plan. And we’ve planned out three fun activities you can do in the capital for free!

So if you thought your pocket needed a break then these 3 things need to be jotted down into your plans.

1. Go Art Viewing.

Art by Amet Kukubor

Accra’s art community is burgeoning. The city is centering itself as an art capital in the Sub-Saharan Africa. From fine art tools installations, there’s so much ingenuity happening here in Accra.

To view some of the most thought-inspiring art works for absolutely free, visit the 1957 Art gallery inside Kempinski Gold Hotel Hotel. There are 3 thought-provoking exhibitions from Ghanaian artists Amet Kukubor, Araba Opoku and South Africa’s Sthenjwa Luthuli running through till the month into November.

Immerse yourself with a viewing or check more on this here.

2. Watch the Sun Rise/Set over Accra.

The mountains surrounding Accra are a scenic source of relief, and they also make for great hiking. Take a trip to the hills (Aburi Hills) preferably with a plus one and watch the exquisite orange and pink sunset. If you’re an early bird you should see the sun rise over the capital. It is beautiful to behold.

3. Check out books at the Ghana Book Trust.

If you’re interested in reading something you can’t find on your shelves then the Ghana Book Trust (opposite the University if Professional Studies – Legon) is your rest-stop. From education to health to the iconic Harlequin paperbacks, you can browse through something to keep you active and abreast. Find them here.

P.S: due to the road construction, the best time to escape the hassle of traffic is to visit from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Happy reading.

Know any fun and free activities happening in your town this week? Share them with us at akai.jonathan.t@gmail.com or braperucci@gmail.com.

We love to hear from you.





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