3 boys share their experience on dating Dada Ba Girls in Accra

They say the dating pool in Ghana is small. Well, in Accra it is almost a dot. With a small population of 2,605,402 you just might have dated a girl, her sister, her cousin and maybe even her mother(?).

But the jackpot to dating for most boy is when they find a Dada Ba Girl. Accra Boys and searching for Dada Ba girls is like Ghanaians and free shows.

Your spending goes on a hiatus. You get peace of mind without mixed signals. The access to posh places and posh people. Who no like better thing?

What’s a Dada Ba?

A Dada Ba is basically a girl or boy from a privileged home. The characteristics of Dada Ba’s include living in a fancy gated house, well-mannered, a passport with plenty immigration stamps and usually with a foreign accent. Because slurring your Ls and Rs is sexy to Ghana boys.

However, not everything is at it seems and folk who’ve dated Dada Ba Girls have interesting stories to tell.

Read what these 3 boys have to say about their dating experience with Dada Ba Girls in Accra.

Atiemo, 27

Lol! I haven’t dated a Dada Ba Girl before. I was dating my reflection for thirteen weeks. This Dada Ba Girl I met on Tinder all along had her own agenda. She’d always be online on iMessage or Instagram which she had a huge following. She would always update her Snap. But when we hanged together she’d never take a pic of us. I didn’t mind. I felt she didn’t want her parents to know she was dating me just yet. One day my boy calls me and says he’s at Ada and he’s seen my girlfriend chilling there with some fine boys and girls. He sent me a pic of her with a guy. I told him that’s her cousin Emmanuel who just came back from the Netherlands. His pics were all over her Instagram with her parents. He resends another. This time she and Emmanuel are touching lips! Me y3m kra shi mi! I later found out that ‘Emmanuel’ is called Deon and that they are engaged. The guy came to Ghana to officially pay bride price. I should have known. We only ever hanged around at my place.

Charles, 32

I met Rosemund (not her name) at a Golden Tulip breakfast buffet that I had saved for. I was there with my boys and she was there with her family. We crossed each other at the buffet table and I made a corny joke about being a ruminant. And she made a joke about liking men who are excessive with what they like.

First thing that caught my attention was her smile. It was radiant because she had sparkling white teeth and also because she had braces on. First sign that she was a certified Dada Ba. I studied Visual Arts but the English I released on her that day, eh? Walahi, Shakespeare would remove his hat for me. Long story short we exchanged numbers. Started vibing.

One week, I told her I liked her. She didn’t act all shy or blush mpo. She replied that she liked me too and wanted us to see each other. The trap had been set and it had caught something big. She invited me to her house in North Ridge. I dressed business casual because I wasnt sure what to wear. I still felt underdressed when I saw her house even though she wore a simple blouse and hot pants. Nice house with a swimming pool and two V8s. Custom number plates too.

We went inside. She invited me to her room. I was acting coy but I wanted it. We got there and I wanted to act like I didn’t know what the plan was. Rosemund didn’t waste time. She reached for my trousers. Started fidgeting in a hurry. Then she pulled out my belt and pushed it in my hand and said, “I want you to discipline me.”

I was confused.

“I have been a naughty girl. Please, disciple me.”

My jaw dropped. I was speechless.

Anyway, we’ve been married for 4 years now and just welcomed a baby girl.

Kekeli, 22

My most recent past relationship was with a Dada Ba Girl. Well, everything they said about them is true. You will enjoy. Weekly dates at Indulge or Kozo. Spending weekends at Front/Back or Bloombar. I didn’t experience any kind of infidelity. But the headache and hangovers? This girl had too much energy. She fit party from Monday to Sunday. And I’m like…Babe, I have a Political Science IA next week oo. I couldn’t handle. I just told her, “It’s not you, it’s me.” And then I run for the hills.





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