3 important tips for women navigating dating apps

They say the month of October is cuffing season. It’s just the right weather with a mix of rain and a searing helping of sunshine.

Corona stagnated a lot of plans last year but we are not hearing any of it this year. Thanks to the innovation of the virtual world singles can find someone with just a swipe. Welcome to the new world of courtship with dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder and Badoo.

Dynamic as these times may be, we need our ladies on these apps being forewarned and forearmed. Below, we bring you 3 tips for when you decide to explore or play the field.

Here are 3 important tips for women navigating dating apps.

1. Skip the small talk and get in-depth.

Sans the tedious process of getting to know a person physically, these apps allow you to be as candid as you want to be (without much anxiety). Take dating on here seriously and engage whoever you swipe right with on a frank but emotionally intelligent basis. If you run out of things to talk about a simple yet intimate online game as seen on Bumble can help the conversation along.

2. Set your personal criteria of the kind of person you want.

Are you looking for someone in a technical industry? Maybe a particular age bracket or someone with the same taste as you? There are plenty of things to consider. Looks may be the first factor but substance always carry the day. Use dating app features to curate your preferences so as to cull any advances from unwanted suitors.

3. Be transparent with your intentions.

Yes, guys have hearts and like honesty too. Make your intentions known so there’s no misunderstanding. You looking for a friend? Or a casual fling? Or something long-term? A true-committed relationship? Do the needful and save whoever you are catching a vibe with and yourself the stress of an unneeded fallout.


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