3 tips to dealing with social anxiety.

Feeling out of place in social settings is no joke. For many introverts, their own four walls is where they find peace of mind. However, no man is an island, they say, and social interactions are a basic human trait.

Social anxiety can be a hindrance to having a healthy fulfilled life.

These 3 easy tips can help you tackle your anxiety.

Take it easy with small steps.

It takes time and practice. Do not be hard on yourself if you find it physically distressing to walk into a large social function. Start with small or personal gatherings with friends or family.

Get physical.

Working out releases endorphins; hormones which lower stress and make you feel happier. Jogging, working out and keeping yourself physically fit is a sure way to help you feel better yourself while lowering blood pressure caused by anxiety. It’s even better if you have friends or a workout partner.

Breathing exercises.

An anxiety episode can sometimes feel like a heart attack. Vision blurred, heart-racing, body-shaking and disorientation can be symptoms of an anxiety attack. Here are some breathing techniques to help you gain control of your faculties.

• Sit down in a position you are best comfortable with.

• Relax your shoulders.

• Put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Breathe in slowly through your nose.

• Hold your breath inbetween for 2 seconds and then let it out through your mouth.

• Do this exercise until you feel at ease.

We encourage you try as much to avoid negative thoughts as much as you can. It is easier said than done but a productive way to tackle this is to write down all negative thoughts and deliberately counter them, mentally or verbally, with positive thoughts and outcomes.


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