3 ways to spice up your homemade sobolo

It’s been raining cats and dogs all over Ghana for the past week. We do love our hot beverages but how about something traditional? Something versatile which packs a good punch. How about some spiced-up homemade sobolo?

Sobolo is the local name for bissap or hibiscus tea. Easy to make, this dark purple drink is made from the boiled leaves of the hibiscus plant. It is usually brewed with ginger or pineapples. Sobolo is not just flavourful but also very healthy.

For starters, this dark purple drink, lowers blood pressure and harmful cholesterol. And if you are looking to burn some calories and reduce weight, then sobolo is for you. It is an all-round immune booster and considering how humid it’s been lately, we all need some hot sobolo to ginger us up.

Sobolo is common in Ghana. So much so it’s almost an alternative for water. But what it’s lacking is a bit of special spice. While it is typically brewed with ginger or pineapple there are other ways to give your sobolo the best taste possible.

Here are 3 Easy ways to spice up your homemade sobolo.

1. Mint.

You’ve heard about mint in cakes. Probably tasted mint in tea. Now it’s time to put that coolness into your next pot of boiling hibiscus leaves. Mint adds a flavour best described as…minty to your sobolo. Mint as an addition ensures your skin stays healthy, improved your liver functions and also gives you good oral hygiene. Try it out today.

2. Lemongrass.

Another plant rears its head here. Lemongrass is one of those old remedies our grandmothers did not take for granted. The plant itself works as a mosquito repellent. If that’s not a prime benefit then we don’t know what. Boiling lemongrass with your sobolo enhances the flavour. Some benefits of lemongrass are that it prevents the growth of some bacteria and yeast. It works as a mild pain-reliever and stimulates menstrual flow. Say bye-bye to Aunt Flow’s cramps.

3. Aidan fruit (pr3k3s3)

Aidan fruit AKA pr3k3s3 has entered the chat. We kid you not the health benefits alone should have you ready to brew your next batch of sobolo with this fruit. This fruit works against jaundice, diabetes and hypertension. And the flavour alone is *Chef’s kiss*.

So there we have it. Three easy ways to spice up your homemade sobolo. Do you have any suggestions?

Drop them in the comments below.





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