4 cooking tips for your typical Ghanaman chef

In our honest opinion the only thing Ghanaians like more than political commentary is food. And not just any food. Great and good food. We’re talking Sunday omotuo bobbing in rosemary-spiced groundnut soup to smokey Funeral Ghana jollof (the best you’ll ever have) with kpakpo shito marinated pork.

Oh, we love food in this country called Ghana and we are unapologetic about it. And that’s why we decided to carry on some easy cooking tips that every Ghanaman will appreciate. Some ad-ons to update your asanka.

Here are 4 cooking tips for your typical Ghanaman chef.

1. Chicken and basil leaf (akoko mesa) are BFFs

Trust us on this. If you want that authentic Ghanaian age-old chicken relish your grandmother used to prepare for you during vacations vacations then it lies in this plant. Basil leaf AKA akoko mesa is the herb you need to bring out the best taste out of your poultry dish. Plus it’s great for digestion and against inflammation.

2. Combine kelewele with palava sauce.

Thank us later for this. This well best secret is one of the tastiest combinations ever to exist. They compliment and complement each other like Amakye and Dede. Don’t forget to add wele.

3. Use avocado as a spread.

You can’t always use margarine as your go-to spread. Your arteries beg you, try something different. Something healthy. Something green. Put avocado between your butter bread and take a bit and fall in love with the taste. You can try this with a little bit of salt to bring more out of the avocado.

4. Eggs are condiments.

We don’t care. We don’t care. We don’t care. Eggs are not just protein. They are a spice. You can’t go wrong with adding them to any dish. If you are a true son or daughter of Ama Ghana you already know that eggs go with everything. Everything! From rice to boiled yam to Kenkey to even fufu (you can’t shame me). Eggs hold a special place in the Ghanaian heart and with good reason.





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