4 of the most irritating types of people on Ghana Twitter

Twitter; the great experiment that brings everybody’s opinions closer to everybody else. The beauty of social media is that everyone has the chance to express themselves however they want. The not so inuring aspect is that not every opinion needs to be heard.

Some can be triggering and inconsiderate. And some can be downright annoying. Like chalk scratching on the board, siren wailing at dawn, ECG credits running out at midnight annoying.

But we noticed as is with flocks of people that a select type of anmoying people can be found on Ghana Twitter.

Our advice? Avoid them like they are the E-levy. It’s your headache if you don’t

Here are 4 of the most annoying types of people on Ghana Twitter.

1. Agenda boys

So-so agenda and teasing. They usually pop up in the comments under very serious social or political matters. Their signature? The use of the abbreviation ‘Fwgk’. If you gerrit then you already know not to engage.

2. Woke Intellectual Squad

Social justice warriors are some of the most galling and too-known people on Ghana Twitter. It’s either they are giving insights into a social disconnect or they are tearing the entire connection with their arguments and claims. Kindly mute them in the conversations when they become overbearing.

3. ‘DM for prices’ vendors

There’s a special place in Nsawam’s forecourt for tolo beef people like these. As in, do you not want to sell? What do you mean dm for price? And that’s how brands lose customers.

4. Political party communicators

What is right is always right and what’s wrong is wrong. We can all agree to that but political party communicators and footsoldiers are debaters with no qualms. They will support their own party even if we all know said party is failing abysmally. These are the kind that you mute and never ever consider engaging





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