4 reasons to go braless today

Did you know not wearing a bra could be helpful? Well, it could.

It’s the last day of October, and we’re not yet done with talking about Breast Cancer Awareness. Ladies and brassieres have a bit of a love-hate relationship, depending on one’s comfort level.

A good bra could work wonders for your breast shape and comfort and at times, it could do anything but. Cuts, discomfort, heat? No lady wants that. bras can cut you and cause inconvenience.

Studies have found that wearing a bra may not essentially benefit your wellbeing (keep your bosoms young and healthy). And sometimes they may not even be the most comfortable depending on the kind of fabric used to make them.

To raise awareness about Breast Cancer, women are encouraged to go braless on October 13 of every year. But from the look of things it probably should be every other day.

Here are 4 reasons why:

To increase blood flow in the breasts.

Wearing a bra for long periods of time can be smothering. The restrictive bands of bras can reduce blood flow blood stream in the chest and back. One advantage of going braless is that you increase blood flow in the breasts and entire upper body. Say good bye to chest pains, ladies.

Improved breast form

Blood flowing freely in your bosom helps with the muscular tone of your breasts which in turn make them perkier. Go braless every few days and watch your breasts round up.

Improved skin around the breast area.

Bras collect dirt and sweat. This can clog pores and course irritation. On the off chance that you’ve at any point worn your sports bra after a long exercise session, you’ll definitely understand how uncomfortable it can get. Going sans bra permits the skin to breathe, remain clear, and be liberated from any potential aggravations that could make pores stop up.

Not wearing a bra can strengthen your breasts

Rouillon found that wearing a bra does more harm than good. He discovered that the long-term outcomes of not wearing a bra revealed that healthier muscle tissue developed overtime in the breasts. And this muscle made breasts firmer.

Photo Credit: Photo by Klaus Nielsen






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