4 reasons you shouldn’t share your social media with work colleagues

We are almost done with the second week of 2022 and we already have over a dozen reasons why work people should never EVER know your socials. The matter chop hot.

We want you to know this: Don’t share your socials with work colleagues. A word to the wise is what? We told you.

Apart from the fact that you cannot even be allowed to cruise on Twitter in privacy. Or the sheer fact that work people suddenly become CIA operatives as they ‘look-look inside’ your everyday activities, there are a hundred and one reasons not to be that girl caught in the headlights.

Anyways, we are stressed as is so we will share just 4. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t share your social media with work colleagues.

1. You cannot agenda in peace.

If you thought you could share your socials and continue being an agenda boy or girl then you lie bad. If you like post what you did last weekend at Kona and see whether HR won’t call you for a sitting.

2. Your business becomes office business.

No, really. Your business becomes everyone in the office’s business. Sometimes, even the business of your mutuals becomes their business. Jeez, can’t they get a job? That Friday wear shirt you wore and took a selfie of on Saturday morning. Yes, everyone will know that you Salomeyed last Friday. You see your life?

3. Unnecessary Tagging and DMs

As if the notifications from telcos are not enough. Now, your office people will be tagging you in every Tiktok skit or tweet left right and center. You cannot even mute it because they’ll stick their head over the cubicle to watch your reaction. 5 seconds after they sent it! As if we use 5G in this our Motherland Ghana.

4. Multiple Access

You did it. Nobody sent you. You could have just shared your LinkedIn and called it a day. But you decided to share your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even TikTok. So there you have it. Now, try and be even 5 minutes late with your phone off. Your DMs will be alight with messages. Enjoy the popularity. You are the office star.


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