4 TikTok couples you need to be following

TikTok is all the rage right now. The video sharing platform is the birth and home of some of the world’s top trends. From memes to trivia to the latest dance moves, TikTok is that one-stop outlet for discovering millions of personalised videos.

And what’s not as personal as the time shared between lovers? Yes yes, we’ve gotten ourselves spiralling through the TikTok not just for the laughs but also because of these uber-cute Ghanaian couples. Sharing intimate moments, relationship insights as well as big wins and maybe losses, these couples are absolute heartthrobs. Plus, they got killer dance moves and it doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes.

Oya! Here goes. Here are our picks for 5 Tiktok couples you need to be following. Yeah, like yesterday!

1. @wesleykessegh and @portiawekia


Are you looking for off-the-wall laughs? Or some cheesy but cute couple dances? These two lovebirds are your plug. Wesley and Portia breathe lightheartedness into your day with their daily posts. P. S: their fashion drip is an added bonus to which we advise screenshotting for your tailor.

2. @say.logan and @_livyaah


Practical jokes become these paramours. Logan and Olivia bring the heat with not only their aestheic get-ups but their easy-go-lucky practical jokes that they play on each other. Their page favours comedic skits which are not only engaging but easily relatable for Ghanaian young couples.

3. @gil_bby and @whitneyafful


Absolutely ravishing, these two are easily the soap opera couple you want to follow. If you want that a bit of Ghanaian father-son and father-daughter dynamics, these two will give you a full course of that nostalgia.


4. @asantewaaaaa and @cassiousss


Energy and comedy is absolutely 100% with these two. If you want real entertainment and laughs that’ll have your sides hurting then you have found your one-stop. Asantewaa, who is a nurse, factors her profession into almost all her videos. Cassious is best described as an executive Drip Lord. You want menswear fashion ideas? This man’s wardrobe is flawlessly high-end. And while he stays behind the camera in most of their skits, his directions never lose sight of his touch.

Together they are that couple that makes original skits while using chart-topping songs as soundtracks. They contributed to Medikal’s Accra We Dey chart-topping success.





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