5 aesthetic bedroom plants with health benefits that you need

When we say go green we don’t mean with envy. We’re talking about plants and being nature-conscious. What better way to start with some green in your room? Indoor plants do not only add a fresh look to your room but they also provide health benefits. Some of them therapeutic even.

Of course, the best of the best is what you need for your room and your mental well-being. It is after all where you sleep.

Here are 5 aesthetic bedroom plants with health benefits that you need.

1. Pothos

This easy-to-grow plant needs less water and more sunlight. You can grow it in a pot or hang it on a wall and it works either way. But the healthy part of it is proven to remove air pollutants. Wouldn’t you just want that? P.S: some Asian cultures believe the plant also brings prosperity and wealth. Did anyone say the need more credit?

2. Ferns

The boston fern is a common indoor plant to have since it’s inexpensive and pretty. It keeps the air purified and humid by naturally removing pollutants that trigger headaches and breathing difficulties. Just be sure to have a spray bottle to keep the fern green and lush as often as you can. This one likes the moist and dark.

3. Lavender

You don’t need an air refresher when you’ve got this one in your room. True. Lavenders and their delightful fragrance always keep the air smelling crisp and sweet. Did you also know their relaxing scent aids not only in sleep but in also inhibits stress and anxiety? These sun-loving plants are the best thing you need to get not only your room but your mind just right.

4. Snake plant.

If you want something masculine but green for your room then this is the plant for you. The beauty of this plant is that, unlike most plants, his one cleans out CO2 even at night. It does all this while releasing oxygen all night long. If there ever was a perfect bedroom plant then it sure would be this one. They need water sparingly and don’t require much sunlight.

5. Aloe Vera

  • Easily the commonest succulent in Ghana, Aloe Vera is not only an air purifier but a popular medicinal treatment. Very low maintenance is the best description description succulents. They easily adapt to harsh environments and store water within themselves long periods. Aloe Vera is good for heartburn relief, can work as an alternative for mouthwash and treating swollen gum. When used on the skin, Aloe Vera keeps it clear and hydrated. It is a natural moisturiser. From bedside to work desk, this plant is the easy choice for your indoor decor.





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