5 fun and budget-friendly Easter Holiday weekend ideas

It’s the Easter holidays which means a long weekend. The weather in Ghana is decent around this time of year. Clouds cast the skies with the nights cooling up just as first rains come in.

If there ever was a time to take advantage of that self-care resolution you promised yourself this year, then it’s now.

What are your plans for the Easter holidays?

A trip out of town? Maybe a much-needed day out at a spa? We know, we know, all that sounds heavy on the wallet. And that’s not fun if we’re only going to be worrying about our finances during the whole weekend.

Need ideas? Here are some options tailored for your pocket.

Check out these 5 fun and budget-friendly Easter Holiday ideas.

1. A picnic at the Legon Botanical Gardens

Get one with nature with a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. With a budget of GHS300 you could go with you and yours with a basket full of fruits, crackers, chocolates and a bottle of fine red wine.

2. A paintball shoot out

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh experience. Experience the splatter with a paintball shootout. It’s a fun and exciting activity. And the great part? You can share this with the family or a group if friends. This is a great team-building exercise to have this long weekend. Just Google “Paintball near me” and you’ll find the most convenient option for you and your crew. Or you could just go straight to the one happening on the 17th at Efua Sutherland Park.

3. Movie Date

If you’re a couple and want a shared experience, you can either choose to go to the cinemas or binge a series you’ve been procrastinating with a bowl of microwaveable pop corn. Especially in this chill April weather, staying indoors shouldn’t be such a bad idea.

4. A kebab pork show

How about a casual outing with the ladies and fellas at a pork joint? Add a side of fried yams and some beers and it’s a party.

5. A house BBQ

How about time spent with the family? Just a casual family barbeque. You could get a carton of chicken or packs of sausages, a bowl of salad or coleslaw, some fries and a crate of drinks for under GHS500. And you’d even have a surplus for Easter Sunday lunch. Think about it.





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