5 approved curly hairstyles as seen on Hair Senta Queen Gwen Addo

Considering getting some curls for a whorly hair day? Let Hair Senta Boss-Queen Gwen Addo show you the ropes. The CEO and Business Strategist has tried and styled the most flattering hairstyles out there. From bone straight, to coloured tresses to chopped micro or macro bangs. She’s versatile every and any hair day. She doesn’t run one of the continent’s leading human hair and wig extension companies for nothing.

Below, we bring you 5 of her best curly looks thus far, so you can choose the best one to get for yourself.

Gwen Addo’s Best Hairstyles with Curls.

1. The Bridal Body Wave

The name says it all. It breathes Maintaining Beauty and we adore it. Flowing, dark and wavy. It frames the face while giving that princess elegant look. If you’re looking to stun and stunt, the Bridal Body wave is a sure choice.

2. The Blonde Loose Wave

If you love Gwen’s look but want some shine a vibe, go for some blonde highlights instead! Paired with long, layered locks mahogany brown outfit? This look would serve the bad and bougie gods.

3. The Thick Kinky Curl

Wispy but kinky, this lionine look is classic but current. With some added olive sheen, your hair will not only look voluminous but shine the way it was intended.

4. The Afro Kinky Curl

You’re a Soul Sista, we know, but you’re also a fashion killer. This heavy and full kinky afro is an easy to manage hairdo. Plus, it goes well with near any occasion or dresscode. Corporate, wedding, fancy brunch? Your crown is set.

5. The Thick Water Wave

Can’t vibe with the styles above? No worries, this simple but effortlessly beautiful style should do the trick. The Thick Water Wave curtains your face in curly waves for that ethereal mermaid look. Whether worn shoulder length or in a ponytail behind, it’ll charm your admirers.

Check out more stunning hair-inspo looks from Gwen Addo’s Hair Senta here.





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