5 break-up lines to lessen a heartbreak

All is fair in love and war, they say, what they do not tell you is that love can be the war. Relationships take a lot of nursing but when cultivated well they bloom into something wonderful.

It is just a few weeks to February’s Valentine’s Day. Two weeks to be exact. See how fast the days go when you’re having fun? Well, if you haven’t and you carried some of the toxic relationships that have run their course into 2022 then here’s an article for you.

Finding the right words to express yourself when it comes to breaking off a relationship is not for the faint-hearted. If you think you have it bad, imagine who you’re breaking up with.

Emotional Intelligence is key. This is why we have some of the most emotionally intelligent lines to somewhat ease the blowback from perhaps breaking someone’s heart. And we are sharing them with you.

Remember the idea is to lessen the hurt and not insult the intelligence or emotions of whomever you are breaking up with.

Here are 5 break-up lines to lessen a heartbreak.

1. “I don’t feel ready for a long term commitment.”

One way to take off the band without ripping it off is to be express yourself without blaming the person you are breaking up with. After all, it’s your changed feelings that you are making them know about.

2. “I don’t think we bring out the best in each other.”

It is only wise to articulate what is on your mind while highlighting that the relationship is no longer mutually beneficial. 2022 is for superlative vibes only. If it isn’t working then we for cast am.

3. “We’re growing apart and I don’t see this relationship going anywhere.”

You want to be candid without overdoing it. This line is a good option especially when the other person continues to compromise the relationship time and time again. Drum roll, please.

4. “I know a relationship is not supposed to be easy, but it shouldn’t be this difficult for us.”

This line takes cognizance or your own mishaps as well. Especially in a relationship where arguments seem to outweigh anything else. This is also a great line to end things when you believe your long-distance relationship has reached its course.

5. “We both deserve happiness.”

This line clears the table. It puts what needs to be said out there without doing any verbal gymnastics. Case close.





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