5 Cuppy short hair photos that we find so Mod inspiring

Cuppa is absolutely that Girl-Next-Door and more. She is beautiful and vivacious and she is a banger of a DJ. Looking all girly and colourful, Cuppy is the absolute Mod muse for us right now.

Lately, she has bringing us a whole new version of herself. Scratch that! This international hitmaker always reinvents herself with fresh and immersive vibes. This time Cuppy is giving as something mod- something different and something pink. That’s right, while she’s been giving us an inner look into her Post-graduate journey at Oxford, she has been sharing her new fashion hair killer looks along the way too.

She snipped those C2 tresses and gave us something bubblegum. Something pixie and something pink.

Here are 5 of our favourite Cuppy short hair photos that are so Mod inspiring.

The last has some yellow but we don’t care. Pink Panther still has nothing on Cuppy.





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